Simple, Affordable
And Reliable Energy

Our standardized solar and battery backup solutions make it easy for you to quickly and cost effectively install smart energy technology without sacrificing quality and configurability.


Imagine A World In Which All Homes Are Zero Energy Homes


Imagine A World In Which All Homes Are Zero Energy Homes

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We understand that residential users face a range of problems with their electrical utility supply.

Ongoing load shedding and regular unplanned power outages cause disruption to one’s way of life, risks home security and causes damage to home appliances. Annual increases push up the cost of electricity which stretch household budgets further, while providing no additional  value.

With our Smart Energy Solutions Metrowatt addresses these problems. We make it simple for customers to implement standardized solar and battery backup solutions in a cost-effective manner, with predictable monthly production without sacrificing quality or configurability. Our Smart Energy Solution is integrated into an online platform to monitor and report on the system performance.

Power your home with confidence

Affordable Fixed Monthly Packages

Innovative financing solution to overcome the high cost of solar installations.

Generate Your Own Electricity

Generate electricity from the sun and save on your monthly utility bills.

Smart Battery Backup

Keep the lights on during grid outages and save on utility costs at night.

Serving The Needs Of Residential Consumers

By paring the benefits of standardized solutions with configurable modular design and intelligent systems we can serve the needs of residential consumers today and into the future.