A Solar Power Partner that works for you

Gain power independence

Loadshedding & expensive electricity are painful. Metrowatt is here to solve that!

Metrowatt ticks all the boxes

when it comes to choosing a solar power provider that you can trust as a long-term partner

Why Metrowatt Solar


Metrowatt has fixed monthly fees without surprises


No disruption with a Metrowatt system


Our rental and purchase packages are designed to suit your needs


Metrowatt’s maintenance, customer support and in-app control puts the power back in your hands

Get the best solar power solution for your needs

Our customisable solar and battery backup power solutions make it easy for you to quickly and cost-effectively install smart energy technology, without compromising on quality or ease of use


Buy your system outright with an upfront capital investment.

For peace of mind, add the optional SOS package for hassle-free technical support and equipment swap-out.

Once-off payment, no increases
Ownership from day one
10-year manufacturer’s warranty
Basic installation included
Optional SOS package to provide ongoing support, monitoring, and 72-hour equipment swap-out on owned systems, in the event of malfunction.


Rent a solar power system over a fixed 7-year term.

Metrowatt retains ownership of the equipment while taking care of all maintenance and support for the full contract term.

24/7 remote monitoring and telephonic support
72-hour equipment swap-out on failure
Residual buyout at end of 7-year term
Annual CPI increase
Installation from R12 500
Fixed monthly fee
10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Metrowatt Rental

Metrowatt’s rental solar power solutions allow everyone the opportunity to get worry-free backup power and energy savings. You are required to pay an upfront solar-ready fee and a predictable monthly rental. At the end of your contract, you can rent the solution again at a much cheaper rate.


Predictable monthly payments for solar and backup
Savings on municipal electricity costs
Full Metrowatt Solar Support included
Add additional solar and battery at any time
Ongoing monitoring and optimization by Metrowatt


Low upfront Solar Ready Fee
Predictable monthly rental 


Metrowatt owns and maintains the solution.


Buy a Metrowatt solar power and battery backup solution outright and enjoy the benefits of backup power and energy savings.
From day one you own your system and you maintain it.


Own your solar power system from the start
Savings on municipal electricity costs
Manufacturer warranty and workmanship warranty.
Add additional solar and battery at any time


Full system cost upfront
Variable maintenance and repair costs over time


You own and maintain your solution
You fulfill manufacturer requirements to claim the warranty
You cover the costs of maintenance and repair outside of the 12 month workmanship warranty

Own + Metrowatt Solar Support

Buy a Metrowatt solar power and battery backup solution outright and enjoy the benefits of backup power and energy savings. From day one you own your system and have the peace of mind that Metrowatt will monitor and maintain it,  providing you with  years of worry-free energy independence.


Own your solar power system from the start
Savings on municipal electricity costs
Full Metrowatt Solar Support for at a low monthly fee
Add additional solar and battery at any time
Ongoing monitoring and optimization by Metrowatt


Full system cost upfront
Predictable monthly support fee


You own the system and Metrowatt maintains it

Step into your Smart Energy Future

Our first walk-in Solar Centre in Parkhurst, Johannesburg is now open.


Our Process

Our customisable solar power and battery backup solutions make it easy for you to quickly and cost-effectively install smart energy technology without compromising on quality or ease of use.


We work with you to determine your needs and which solution is most suitable



We support you in selecting the standardised package that suits you best, or customising a solution that’s unique to you



Once the design of your solar or battery backup solution is agreed, Metrowatt will place your order and provide timelines to when installation will take place



Our team of professional, experienced technicians manage the full installation and configuration to your existing network



Once the system is installed view and manage the system



Full service and maintenance support for a hassle-free experience



Your Smart Energy Partner

Metrowatt ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a solar power provider that you can trust as a long-term partner

Affordable Monthly Fee

Our Rental packages eliminate high up front costs with predictable monthly fees

More Control

Take control of your electricity supply and easily upgrade as your needs change

No Disruption

No more disruptions to your routine due to loadshedding, with always-on power

Hassle-Free Simplicity

Our ongoing support ensures an effortless experience for the duration of the rental term

Monitoring and Support

24/7 monitoring and support offers you peace of mind that our experts have you covered

Leading Technology

Produce more to use more and save more, with leading technology from a reputable brand


I needed a solution to keep my house running during load shedding to keep the lights on and ensure that the household of 4 continued to get thru a busy week. We then decided to contact Metrowatt to assist with this requirement. Laurent and his team was fast, efficient and very helpful. Answered all the questions we had to assist us in coming up with the correct solution, therefore i would highly recommend Metrowatt if you are thinking of having a solar installation installed at your house.

Cobus Viljoen

Metrowatt Customer Review

I'd been investigating solar solutions for a while before I came across Metrowatt. Apart from their cost effective packages, their service was wonderful. Valerie kept in constant contact with me and made the journey to solar seamless. Would highly recommend their professional services.

Huzaifah Khan

Metrowatt Customer Review

Fantastic service!
We were up and running in only a few days and are 80% off grid.
Love the well designed app that shows live power feeds.
Knowledgeable team willing to go the extra mile.
Would definitely recommend them!

Justin Glass

Metrowatt Customer Review

The sales team was responsive compared to other providers. I'm hoping they will keep it up during the life of the contract. The installation was seamless but took longer than planned because of the ancient wiring in my house, and a mighty hailstorm!:

The installers brought everything up to code before connecting the system, that's the perk of using Metrowatt, I didn't have to fork out an extra cent when my old house gave challenges.

Thanks to the team for a great experience. Would love to see commercial solutions too for small to medium offices.

Kagiso Komane

Metrowatt Solar Customer

5 Star Rating!

Jannie Wentzel

Metrowatt Solar Customer

We have had our Solar installation for 6 months. The needs evaluation was thorough and personal, despite that we fitted in with the standard 5000kw system and 11 panels. Metrowatt prepared all documents to submit to our Estate for permission to install. Installation was a breeze and training on how it operates and how to use the App was comprehensive and understandable. From that time I totally fell in love with our Solar. We are never without power and i just love running the washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher, during loadshedding, on a sunny day. Our Escom bill was R83 last month!! What's not to love. The support, monitoring and ongoing assistance that Metrowatt provide is invaluable and makes for a carefree and enjoyable system, whether you happen to be at home or away. Thank you Metrowatt!

Gillian Wilson

Metrowatt Solar Customer

We approached Metrowatt for a rental solar installation at the end of 2022 when it became clear that we needed to manage the stress of ongoing indefinite loadshedding and find ways to start using renewable energy sources. We have been extremely impressed by the team and management and contractors used by Metrowatt. Our system was installed in early January 2023 and it works very well. In particular we have been grateful for the excellent customer service and communications from Metrowatt. Highly recommended.

Judith Ancer

Metrowatt Solar Customer

We used Metrowatt to Install our solar system at home. They were on time and completed the installation quickly and efficiently. Their after-service has been amazing. They are always available to assist when a problem arise. We are extremely happy with the service and the product we receive from them. Highly recommended!

Monique Myburgh

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Great product and fantastic service. Very professional. Extremely happy with how everything came out. Highly recommend using Metrowatt for solar installation.

Solar in South Africa is a MUST-have and a game-changer.

Hugo Ludik

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Brilliant service Metrowatt! From sales through to installation, the team was approachable and available to respond to my needs and questions after hours and on weekends. Thank you!👍

Nirshan Harryparshad

Metrowatt Solar Customer

The best service I received from Metrowatt. Thank you to Zayno and his team the most professional service we received 👏

I will recommend Metrowatt!

Allie Johnint

Metrowatt Customer Review

Outstanding service and advice during installation!

Chrissie Rey

I was recommended Metrowatt by a friend. When I heard that the company will be in Cape Town as well, I started to make enquiries in February and received all the necessary information and correspondence from the sales team to make a calculated decision.

The process between acceptance and installation took a while (about 7 weeks), due to the very high demand for solar in South Africa at the moment. Even so, the team at Metrowatt communicated every step of the process (keeping me in the loop regarding where things are at in the supply chain and installation). They were also very quick to respond to any enquiries I might have. I never felt "in the dark" . This helps a lot!

The installation was very professional (quality workmanship) and the support has been great. I highly recommend Metrowatt.

Carel Pienaar

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Professional service, really helpful and high quality equipment. Even managed to give me a temp solution while waiting for stock. Always responsive for queries.

Highly recommend!

Daniel Frichol

Metrowatt Solar Customer

After painstakingly researching various rental options, I went with Metrowatt because of the exceptional service offered. Walter and Sicelo have been so helpful and informative and reliable throughout the process. Metrowatt offers many options to suit all homes and needs and is a professional and well-organized team. Contract T&Cs are reasonable, and they are in my opinion more fair than the others I've seen. Also important to note that they obtain all the necessary legal and municipal documents for you and appoint properly qualified contractors, so everything is above board and you don't have to take time to do it yourself.

Chantelle Browne

Metrowatt Customer Review

The team at Metrowatt really went above and beyond to help me with my particular requirements!

Already saving R2k a month on my electricity bill.

Bryan Edwards

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Amazing service.

Johann Liebenberg

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Professional and very satisfied with the sales, service and installation!

Jonathan Marcus

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Good, quick and friendly service with lots of after-service follow-up.

Belinda van Rooyen

Metrowatt Solar Customer

What a great experience. From the first phone call to the after sale service. Sicelo was always on top of things, and always responds within minutes. The installation was done perfectly. And they don’t take short cuts. Reputable company that I would highly recommend.

Shane Capes

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Great Service from Ruan and team!

Installation Team was awesome. Would recommend them to anyone!

Ewert Kleinhans

Metrowatt Solar Customer

From our signing up, to the installation process, it’s been completely seamless… And the team have been, from beginning to end, incredibly courteous and highly service-oriented.

Kerry Botha

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Outstanding service from Metrowatt - had an excellent experience in negotiating the contract - slick and neat installation and exceptional after care support . When my system tripped one evening after the return of load-shedding the call centre called 4 x to try and resolve and then the MD of the company came out to my house at 10pm to trouble shoot and restore - so impressive. Had i gone it alone i would never have enjoyed such excellent after service care. Well done Metrowatt!

Georgina Barrick

Metrowatt Solar Customer

Metrowatt absolutely delivered on what they promised. It was about a 50% reduction in electricity costs.

Kagiso Kekana

Metrowatt Solar Customer



What is a solar rental?

Solar rental allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the upfront costs. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the solar equipment, while we take care of any maintenance and support that may arise

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How do I monitor my solar system's performance?

Once installation is completed we provide you with access to a monitoring app available on your mobile phone that allows you to track your system's production and performance in real time.

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How long does it take to install solar?

Installations typically take between 2 to 3 days to complete. Factors such as rain, complex roof types, system size and existing non-compliant electrical wiring can delay the installation beyond this time frame.

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