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How do you choose the best solar power system in Johannesburg?

February 5, 2024

Johannesburg, a city bathed in abundant sunlight, is increasingly turning to solar energy as an efficient solution to beat load shedding and meet its electricity needs. As residents and businesses in Johannesburg explore the transformative potential of solar power, it becomes crucial to navigate through the myriad of options to find the perfect solar power system that aligns with individual requirements.

Embark on a journey with us to discover how to select the ideal solar power system for your specific needs. We've consulted with solar power specialists and gathered insights to answer the most common questions on this subject.

Whether you're a homeowner or a tenant discussing options with your landlord, aiming to reduce energy costs, or seeking alternatives to mitigate the effects of load-shedding, this guide is for you.

Choosing the Right Solar System for Apartment Living in Johannesburg

Living in an apartment complex or flat? If you're renting, obtaining your landlord's approval for the solar system you choose is essential. Once green-lighted, consider systems like Power M for a sleek, space-efficient solution that allows adding batteries or solar panels later. 

For those with the option to install panels, a Power M or SunSynk system with a minimum of four panels is advisable. Apartment owners can choose any system that meets their power needs, and our trusted Solar Consultants are here to customize a solar solution that fits your home and budget.

Key Factors in Determining Your Ideal Home Solar Power Solution

Consider these essential aspects:

  • Your current electricity usage, which can be obtained from utility bills or prepaid expenses.
  • The size of your home and the number of family members.
  • Essential power load and additional power requirements.
  • Roof type and orientation (tiles, corrugated iron, flat, north-facing).
  • Whether you have a single-phase or 3-phase distribution board.
  • Our experienced solar consultants will guide you through these considerations to identify the most suitable solar system for your home.

Solar Panel Requirements for a 4-Bedroom House in Johannesburg

For smaller homes, a minimum of four panels is recommended. For a four-bedroom house, based on your essential power needs, 6-8 panels coupled with around 5KwH batteries are generally advised.

Selecting Top-Quality Solar Panels

We prioritise using trusted and reliable solar panel brands to ensure quality and efficiency.

Our solar experts have shared valuable insights, highlighting that choosing a solar power system in Johannesburg requires careful consideration of technology, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. As you delve into the solar industry in Johannesburg, let your unique energy requirements, the expertise of a trusted solar installer, and affordability guide your decision.

For further information and personalised advice, feel free to contact us about our solar system solutions or visit our solar centre in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. We're here to assist you in finding the best solar system that meets both your energy needs and budget.

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