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How to choose the best suited solar rental in Johannesburg

February 20, 2024

We spoke to a few of our solar power experts to discuss the importance of finding reliable and reputable solar rental providers in Johannesburg.

With the world we live in today, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to preserve our environment. We can do this by using renewable energy and finding reputable solar rental providers who are qualified and experienced in the field and in protecting our environment.

How do I assess my electricity needs in Johannesburg?

Start by looking over your monthly electricity bills. Take note of how much electricity you use a month, when you use the most electricity and when you use the least electricity; this could be seasonal, monthly or daily.

Identify which appliances consume the most electricity and how often you use these appliances, for example, stoves, hairdryers and kettles. Calculate how many hours a day you use these appliances and how much electricity they use. This should give a clearer idea of how much electricity you use daily.

Take note of the number of occupants in the household or business and lifestyle habits. This includes work hours, how many hours are spent at home during the day, and hours spent on leisure activities, as these can affect energy usage.

And, of course, if you need help analysing your energy consumption, you can always schedule a solar expert to assist you. Solar experts can calculate your energy consumption and recommend a suitable system.

How do I choose a reputable solar rental company in Johannesburg?

It is always important to research a company's qualifications and credentials. When searching for a reliable solar rental provider, investigate what qualifications they have and how much experience they have in the industry.

Having said that most vital aspects to ensure when selecting your power partner are:

1.      The solar company and installer is accredited and approved by the product supplier (I.e. Sunsynk & Huawei)

2.      The installer is PV Greencard certified

3.      Is the company fully liable for the entire system installation and any issues which may arise due to incorrect installation and/ or damage to the inverter or any part?

4.      Are you guaranteed to receive continuous & effective technical support?

5.      Does your solar company provide product & system optimization throughout the lifespan of your solution?

6.      Do you have peace of mind that the solar company will be around in the future and can ensure longevity?

7.      And something that is overlooked, have you been offered the correct solution based on your current & future power needs?

Once you have a few options, compare the different providers based on pricing, terms and conditions and additional services.

How do I learn about the quality and efficiency of solar power systems?

Start by researching well-known solar panel manufacturers, estimating their track record and certifications, and scanning over any reviews from customers. Pay attention to the performance level of the company's solar panels and what level of performance is guaranteed. Look for solar panels tested by third parties and read through their reviews on the product and any certifications the company has received from third parties.

You can also consult with experts in the industry to understand how solar panels should perform and the length of performance guarantees for different solar panels. This can assist you in choosing which system to purchase and which system could work better for you. It also helps in comparing products from different companies.

What should I look for in the terms and conditions of solar rental companies in Johannesburg?

Look out for how much it costs to rent the solar power system and the interest rate applied. and compare the prices of different companies. Investigate the contract duration and if there are any ownership opportunities for you in the future.

Look for additional fees you may need to pay and ensure that the rental agreement includes solar power system maintenance.

Review any conditions for terminating the rental agreement to ensure that you will not bear any costs in the termination process and make sure that the company offers insurance coverage for any damages caused to the solar power system.

Ensure the contract complies with relevant rules and regulations and is fair and transparent.

What should I look out for regarding solar power system monitoring and maintenance?

Select a solar power system with monitoring tools to keep track of energy consumption, system performance and any possible problems with the system. Remote monitoring is also helpful because it allows you to receive performance data and notifications anywhere and anytime. This monitoring system lets you deal with problems and troubleshoot the solar power system to minimise downtime.

Select a provider offering performance guarantees to ensure your solar power system is up to standard and functions optimally. Additionally, look for companies that provide regular maintenance to ensure that the system is performing as it should and investigate possible issues.

It is essential to schedule maintenance services after a storm or bad weather conditions to ensure the system is not damaged. If the system appears damaged, ensure that action is taken to repair the system before the problem worsens.

What should I look for in terms of customer support and reviews of solar rental companies?

Communication and transparency: Pay attention to how the business communicates with their customers and their level of transparency with their customers regarding contract details, terms and conditions and rental fees.

Technical expertise: Asses the technical expertise and experience of the business. Ensure that the provider, customer services and staff know the subject and look for companies that offer specialised training to their employees.

Rating and reputation: Investigate the company's reputation with local industries and regulatory agencies. Check if they have the relevant qualifications and certifications, review their ratings on their online website, and read reviews from past customers.

Complaints and resolutions: Research any complaints from past customers and how the business solves these issues with their customers. Ensure that you choose a provider who acts quickly on complaints and handles them promptly.

How do I check solar rental companies' policies on warranties and guarantees, and what should I check?

Follow these steps to ensure you have all the information you need to know about a rental agreement:

Start by reviewing the contract provided to you and look for specifics like performance guarantees, insurance coverage and warranties. Look for warranties that are offered on the solar panels and equipment included in the rental agreement, such as inverters or battery storage. Understand the performance guarantee and how long this guarantee will last.

Ask questions about the company's response time to any issues or defects in the system, how they would go about solving the problem, and their process of problem resolution.

Understand any exclusions or limitations in the rental agreement and any documentation needed to submit claims, report issues, and schedule inspections and maintenance. Ensure you know of any personal costs associated with the rental agreement.

Thank you, Solar Experts

Choosing the best solar rental provider for you may be a timely process, but by researching different providers, what they offer, their terms and conditions and their environmental commitments, we can create a resilient community and a healthier environment.

Discover our affordable range of solar power rental products, which are nationwide solar power rental solutions.

Start your journey today by contributing to a greener, sustainable future for Johannesburg and beyond.

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