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Meet Huawei's Luna 2.0 SmartGuard: Elevating FusionSolar Power Solutions in South Africa

January 24, 2024

In the quest for innovative, secure, and dependable power solutions in South Africa, look no further than Metrowatt and Huawei's FusionSolar power offerings, now enhanced with the cutting-edge Luna 2.0 SmartGuard. The Luna 2.0 adds an extra layer of intelligence and safety to Huawei's SolarFusion solar power and backup solutions, making it a standout choice for discerning consumers.

Metrowatt: Authorised Gold Partner of Huawei

As an authorised gold partner, Metrowatt has cultivated a fruitful partnership with Huawei, which is dedicated to providing customers in South Africa with reliable, safe, and cost-effective solar and power backup solutions. Metrowatt, committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, is excited to introduce Huawei's Luna 2.0 SmartGuard as the latest addition to the FusionSolar power system in South Africa.

Metrowatt’s Success Stories with Huawei's Backup & Solar Power Solutions

We recently installed a test version of the new system in Greenside, a very satisfied Metrowatt client with a substantial residential property featuring two separate cottages. With the Huawei Sun 2000 and Luna 2.0 FusionSolar solutions in place, our Metrowatt client proudly attests to spending a remarkable 60% less on monthly electricity, translating to a R2000 monthly reduction in electricity costs. This is before we consider more than R1000 in savings on their diesel generator. This success story underscores the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Huawei's solar power solutions for residential applications.

Discovering Huawei's Luna 2.0 SmartGuard 

How do our clients benefit from Huawei's Luna 2.0 SmartGuard? Let's delve into the details:

Huawei FusionSolar strives to revolutionise household energy in residential scenarios through component innovation and technological upgrades. Luna 2.0 SmartGuard, designed for off-grid scenarios, represents a significant leap forward. 

  • Ultra Fast

SmartGuard excels in ultra-fast switchover—a significant improvement over the previous version—transitioning from grid to solar backup power within a mere 20 milliseconds. This rapid response ensures uninterrupted power for household appliances, offering an imperceptible transition during loadshedding.

  • Safety First

Safety is paramount, and SmartGuard prioritises this aspect by offering an intelligent and enduring power supply. This includes an energy management assistant, which safely provides management functions, facilitating real-time energy generation and consumption readings. 

Discover how Metrowatt & Huawei can power your home and business

Are you interested in learning more about the collaborative efforts of Metrowatt and Huawei to powering homes and businesses in South Africa? 

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Launching February 2024

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