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Metrowatt Referral Reward Program

January 11, 2024

Step into your most powerful year yet!

Metrowatt has a great way for you to save money in 2024 with the new Referral Rewards Program, just for customers like you.

Here's the simple breakdown:

  1. Click the email link below and confirm your details as well as share details of anyone you know who needs a solar & backup solution.
  2. We'll give them a quote for a custom solution.
  3. On *successful sign up, both you and your referral will get an R1000 savings.
  4. The more people you refer successfully, the more money you save.


Referral program mechanics:

  • Metrowatt referral program is available to existing Metrowatt customers only
  • Metrowatt existing customers who refer a contact will receive the reward on either:
    • Successful sign up & cash deposit made by referred client for an outright purchase
    • Successful sign up & first successful debit order processing of rental customers
  • Metrowatt existing customers will receive an email notification of successful take up by their referred contact
  • Metrowatt Cash purchase customers with(out) monthly solar support who refer a friend will receive a R1000 Takealot voucher code via email
  • Metrowatt Rental customers will receive a once-off R1000 credit on their next monthly instalment
  • A referred client will be contacted by a Metrowatt Solar consultant and receive an email confirmation from Metrowatt Solar
  • A referred client who makes an outright purchase with(out) monthly solar support will receive a R1000 Takealot voucher via email
  • A referred client who signs a rental agreement with Metrowatt will receive a once-off R1000 credit on their first successful debit order.
  • Metrowatt (Pty) Ltd. Reserves the right to make changes to the referral program at any time.

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