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Solar Power Generation in Johannesburg: Everything You Need to Know

February 5, 2024

Johannesburg's journey towards sustainable energy is being revolutionised through solar power generation. Blessed with plentiful sunshine, the city is rapidly becoming a hub for solar energy, advancing towards greener solutions.

Our team of solar power specialists, including experienced installers and industry experts, provide insights into Johannesburg's solar energy landscape. This guide covers everything from the sector's growth and challenges to its promising future. Keep reading to learn more about solar power in Johannesburg.

Is investing in solar power in Johannesburg beneficial?

Absolutely. Johannesburg's abundant sunshine makes solar power a wise investment. It's an effective way to reduce electricity bills and achieve long-term savings, especially with escalating energy costs and annual increases in Eskom tariffs.

Is solar power production in Johannesburg good enough?

Johannesburg stands out globally for its solar energy production capabilities. The city averages over 2,500 hours of sunshine annually, with daily solar radiation levels ranging between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2.

Do you still have Eskom charges for a solar-powered home?

Installing solar power doesn't completely eliminate Eskom charges. A connection or service fee is still applicable for grid access, especially during low solar production periods or when demand exceeds solar output.

What are the benefits of solar power in Johannesburg?

Solar energy in Johannesburg offers numerous advantages, including reduced electricity costs, decreased dependency on Eskom, a smaller carbon footprint, potential for grid independence, and increased property value.

What is the lifespan of solar panels?

Solar panels generally come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Despite a slight decrease in efficiency over time, they continue to produce significant energy well beyond their warranty period.

What are the tax implications for using solar panels in Johannesburg?

Purchasing solar panels attracts VAT. However, a 2023 initiative by the Johannesburg government introduced a tax rebate, allowing consumers to claim back 25% of the cost of new solar PV panels, up to R15,000 per individual.

What is the Best type of solar power system for Johannesburg?

Considering the grid's instability, a hybrid inverter system is ideal. It not only saves solar energy while the grid is active but also provides backup power during grid outages.

What are the solar power requirements for my house in Johannesburg?

The number of panels needed depends on the room's energy usage, sunlight availability, and panel capacity. Typically, fewer panels are required for small rooms with low-energy appliances.

Which is best: Solar power system ownership vs. solar power rental in Johannesburg

Purchasing solar panels is more cost-effective in the long term. However, rental options like Metrowatt offer maintenance and support, ensuring equipment issues are resolved without additional costs to the consumer.

What are the off-grid solar power costs in Johannesburg?

Off-grid living requires solar panels and battery storage for uninterrupted power. Metrowatt provides hybrid solar system rentals, including panels and storage, at a monthly cost.

What are the monthly solar rental payments?

Monthly rental costs vary based on system size and lease duration. A well-sized system from Metrowatt can result in monthly net costs of around R1000, considering the savings from solar power.

What are my household power requirements?

The required kW for a household depends on its energy usage and the number of phases in the municipal feed. Small single-phase homes may need a 3-5kW system, while larger homes might require up to 12kW.

What are the ideal placement for solar panels?

In Johannesburg, north-facing solar panels at a 25-30 degree angle from the horizontal are optimal for maximum sunlight exposure and energy production.

Is a DIY solar system installation possible?

While it's possible to install your own solar system, it's advisable to engage with professional companies like Metrowatt for safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

How do you choose the best solar installer in Johannesburg? 

Look for solar-friendly retailers like Metrowatt, offering comprehensive support and maintenance packages for hassle-free long-term system operation.

What are the best solar companies in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg hosts various significant solar companies, each specialising in different sectors. For residential needs, choose a provider focused on home systems and offering robust support.

What is needed for solar panel maintenance in Johannesburg?

Solar panels require minimal upkeep. Regular inspections, cleaning, and shading checks are recommended for optimal performance. 

How often do you clean solar panels in Johannesburg?

Environmental factors dictate cleaning frequency. However, in Johannesburg, cleaning every few months is usually sufficient, supplemented by natural cleaning from rainfall. Solar panels can get a dusty build-up in winter in Johannesburg due to the lack of rain, which can affect the solar panels' performance.

How does rain impact solar panels?

While rainy weather reduces solar panel efficiency, it helps clean the panels, boosting their performance when sunny conditions return.

What solar system financing options are available?

Many banks and solar providers in Johannesburg offer financing for solar systems, allowing for payment over time while enjoying immediate solar benefits.

Thank you to our team for sharing their knowledge on solar power generation. This information reflects our commitment to addressing Johannesburg's energy challenges and reducing carbon emissions.

Explore our solar power system products and start your journey towards a solar-powered future.

Visit our Solar Centre in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, to meet our experts and discuss your solar needs. Join us in envisioning a solar-powered Johannesburg.

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