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Unlocking Savings: A Homeowner's Guide to Efficient Electricity Use this Holiday Season.

December 13, 2023

As loadshedding concerns persist and the promise of long-term savings from solar power beckons, many homeowners find themselves grappling with the complexities of energy consumption. Maximizing the benefits of solar power and battery backup systems requires a clear understanding of where and when electricity is used in the home. This holiday season offers a perfect opportunity for homeowners to evaluate and improve their electricity consumption patterns.

Conducting a home energy audit is a practical first step. This involves a room-by-room assessment of the number of lightbulbs and appliances, their electricity consumption ratings, and the average daily usage hours. Involving the family in this exercise not only makes it fun but also raises awareness about electricity consumption. Eskom's online Residential Calculator (http://residentialcalculator.eskom.co.za) is a handy tool for this audit, providing insights into energy consumption and suggesting potential areas for improvement.

To enhance power efficiency, consider the following tips:

  1. Switch to LED Bulbs: Installing energy-efficient LED bulbs throughout your home can result in over 60% savings on lighting costs.
  2. Geyser Efficiency: Insulate geysers and connecting pipes, set thermostats to a comfortable level, and avoid overheating water to prevent wastage.
  3. Seal Windows and Doors: Ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent heat loss during the winter months.

Smart timers and sensors play a crucial role in maximizing solar production and minimizing unnecessary electricity costs. Automating appliances such as geysers and pool pumps with smart Wi-Fi timers ensures they operate during daylight hours, aligning with solar production. Motion sensors on lights help use electricity only when a room is occupied, automatically turning off when vacant.

For those that are away for the holidays, remember to turn geysers off. Unnecessarily heating water can cost over R10 per day, so by turning it off could result in a R300 savings for a month.

By adopting these practical tips, homeowners can not only make informed decisions about their electricity usage patterns but also unlock significant energy and cost savings. This holiday season, take control of your energy consumption and pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable home.

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